Welcome to my Blog! My name is Kellie Osborne, and I am a fitness professional at Cowboys Fit at The Star in Frisco, Texas. A little background on me, I grew up in Long Beach, California and played volleyball and soccer at Long Beach Wilson. Coming out of high school, I had the opportunity to play soccer and volleyball in college on a full-ride. I decided upon playing volleyball at the University of Tulsa. Towards the end of my collegiate career, I was also offered to play soccer my 5th year but decided it would be best for my physical health to forgo this opportunity. Going from volleyball shape to soccer shape would have been a beating.  Growing up I played every sport imaginable and was constantly on the go which is probably the reason for my constant drive for an adrenaline rush. By the time I was a senior in college, I found myself in love with my internships and helping other people more than the enjoyment of being at volleyball practice. I had worked with a physical therapist, adaptive exercise and sports performance. This initiated the thoughts of what was I even going to do after college. Following my senior season, I was invited to try out for the National Team in 2014. At the time, I thought that is what I wanted to do, it was my dream since I was little to go to the Olympics or play professionally. However, when I got there, something didn’t feel right. Even though I was playing at the top of my game, it just didn’t feel right, my passion wasn’t there anymore. I quickly realized that instead of being the coached, I wanted to be the coach. Now to come to this realization when I am at the Olympic Center in Colorado Springs for an opportunity of a lifetime, sucks. Following this try-out, I had the choice: do I play the sport I’ve always played half-heartedly, or do I start a new path on a career I find more fulfilling? I struggle with this question for a few weeks and found that my heart wasn’t in it anymore, and I knew it was time to hang up the spandex and focus on a career. So, from then on out, I dedicated my study time to strength and conditioning for not just volleyball or soccer, but all sports.


Right before my last semester of college, the love of my life got down on one knee, in front of all our friends, at my favorite hiking spot and proposed. I believe this was God’s way of telling me that I made the right decision and that He has bigger plans for me. My husband played football at The University of Tulsa (hence how we met) and was a Mechanical Engineering major. I may be biased but I think I hit the jackpot with smarts, athleticism and looks. Now, you may be thinking, wow, a collegiate volleyball player and football player…. Those babies will probably be athletic. Well, that is exactly what we are hoping for! He loves fitness just as much as I do which makes living like a health nut that much easier.


Being a personal trainer now, I am constantly trying to help people turn their life around health wise. However, there is this stigma about personal trainers, “We are all meat heads and have always been fit.” Wrong. A majority of the time, trainers started because of something that happened to them or someone close to them. My story goes back to when I was 14 and to college.


When I was 14 years old I sprained my ankle in devastating fashion and couldn’t play for at least a month. Probably the longest month of my life! Soon after that, I started working out with a strength and conditioning coach at Champions Quest in Los Alamitos, California (still my favorite gym). After working with them for 2-3 years, I could not believe how much stronger and more stable my body had become. This was the start of my love for health and fitness. I still, to this day, remember what they taught me and incorporate a lot of things that I did with them, in my work outs with my clients today.


Fast forward a few years, which now seem like a lifetime ago, to right before my Junior season at Tulsa. I had received terrible news from my doctor, I thought I was going in for my annual checkup at the Gynecologist (TMI I know, but oh well!) and normally you go in, they get what they need and you don’t hear back from them for another year. This time was different. A few days later, I got a phone call saying that I had abnormal cells in my cervix that could lead to cancer. It was a mild case and I was told its not much to worry about unless they found the cells had became worse. If the worst were to happen, I would have to begin treatment. This was not something you wanted to hear when your whole life was school and volleyball. Not to mention a full ride scholarship on the line.


When I got the news that I have something that could turn into cancer, I panicked. I had a full ride scholarship playing the sport I love, at a school I love, and I could lose it all. I went back to the doctor a week later for them to take a chunk out of my cervix (not the most comfortable thing in the world, TMI again) for them to test to see if there was anything else going on. Following the procedure, we had a team workout. It’s a difficult thing to be strong in front of your teammates knowing the possibility of having cancer AND having to consider the end of a lifelong athletic career. I got through that season and nothing big ever happened with the abnormal cells.


6 months later, after having the same procedure again, I still had the same results. Thankfully the situation had not worsened but on the other hand, it hadn’t gotten better. After that check-up, I couldn’t help but wonder, if there was anything I could do to help this. It just so happened that I was taking a nutrition class that semester and one of the first subjects was vitamins and minerals and how they help the body. I also remembered that growing up, my parents were always onto me about getting enough fruits and vegetables and taking my vitamins. So, that night I went home and researched food that fought against cancer cells. Not just all cancer cells, but specifically food that would help aid the cervix. I cut out soda, processed sugars, ate more lean meats, fruits and vegetables, took in extra probiotics and cut my alcohol consumption in half. Coming into college, always on the go and constantly training, I figured the Freshman 15 wouldn’t be a big deal for me. Boy was I wrong. It’s a real thing people. A huge part of that freshman 15 is not just the fast food and dorm life. It’s also all the extra alcohol added in. Hello, useless 7 calories/gram. Sorry coach! Don’t get me wrong, I had a great first few years of college eating and drinking and not realizing what it was doing to my body. And clearly, I was doing a lot more harm than I thought.


6 months later, I had no trace of abnormal cells. Obviously, something I changed had worked. I had to go back one more time 6 months after that to make sure nothing came back and again nothing. I was relieved. I had lost 15 pounds, got faster, stronger and my vertical increased. I had never felt better, cleaner, and more energized.


My senior year was my proudest season. I watched what I ate and made sure I was fueling my body properly. I made All-Tournament Team in all 4 pre-season tournaments, Broke 2 school records, became 5th in the nation for aces per set and to top it all off, I was awarded All-American at the end of the year. This all because I made myself more aware of what I was fueling my body with. Turns out, my strength coaches were right. Your body is a vehicle and the better the fuel, the better it runs.


Today, I deal with all different types of people. I do not typically share my story with all my clients but the ones that are really struggling to see that they too can get through workouts, it usually ends with me sharing my story. It shows that we as trainers can sympathize but at the same time, we see how strong each client can be. My style is always staying positive. Just like I was raised, I take “can’t” out of my vocabulary. So naturally, I am consistently encouraging clients about how they actually can do it and with a little push, 99% of the time they can. Its having faith that your body is stronger than you think. The body is stronger than the mind and sometimes, a little “tough love” can break through that barrier.


This blog is not only to share my story but to help other people understand more of what goes on with a personal trainer, show that working out can be fun and positive and to encourage anyone and everyone that your body is a temple and what you put in, is what you get on the outside.


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  1. I love reading this blog. Keep writing and keep educating women about mental and physical health. You rock at it !!
    I am also enjoying our training sessions more each time.

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