Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Being a personal trainer has been nothing but life changing. I’m not just talking about changing people’s lives but how my clients have changed mine. The more people I meet the more I remember why I started training. Every story is different, and when a client opens up, it not only helps me put together a program that attacks their physical needs, but gives them a mental boost as well. Working out is not just about making you look good (yes, it’s definitely a plus), it’s about the feeling of self-accomplishment and having a healthy well-being.

One of the biggest statements I run into with new clients is “I don’t feel comfortable at the gym and I am not sure what to do.” Which then follows up with, “So I kind of just walk around not doing much or I go to a corner and hope no one is watching.” A vast majority of the time, this comes from women. To be honest, no one is actually watching you, but I completely understand where they are coming from. Some clients don’t believe me because I am well, a trainer. “I highly doubt you do know what they are talking about, you are a trainer” they’ll say. But the thing is, I wasn’t always a trainer. I had to start somewhere. When my collegiate career had come to an end, I had to put together work outs based on what I was learning in class and what I could find online. When I went to the gym, I would walk straight upstairs to the second-floor track, hide by a pillar, do some leg exercises, arms, abs and run. That’s it. But being uncomfortable at the gym, never stopped me from working out.

Something that really helped not only my clients, but also myself, is working out with a friend. Everything is less awkward when you are with your friend, right?  If you are trying to make a goal to hit the gym more, or get into a certain type of shape , find a friend that wants the same thing or will help push you towards that goal and make a deal that certain days you would set aside time to go to the gym together. The workout doesn’t need to be boring and strenuous, make the work out fun! Create games or races or some type of challenge between the two of you. Do partner exercises or when one person is performing exercise A, the other person is doing exercise B. Every day or every week, develop a plan before you walk into the gym. Pick which body part you want to target and go from there. Working out should not be thought of as a punishment for the body, it should be thought of as a way to better enjoy life with family and friends doing activities. If you walk into the work out with a positive mindset, you will get positive results. A negative mind will not get you what you want.

If you are struggling to go to the gym because you feel uncomfortable, just know you are not alone but also remember that you won’t get any results staying in that comfort zone either. Ask a trainer, ask a friend, or even ask Siri what to do! Just get out there and get your heart rate up!

comfort zone

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