Don’t Lose That Progress

Everyone NEEDS a vacation. Just like everyone NEEDS to give their body a break. Yes, I wrote that correctly. Not only do I have clients that need to move more, but I have clients that need to move less. The body can be over trained and can cause more harm than good. Vacation should not only be a break mentally but physically as well.

Does that mean I didn’t work out while I was in Mexico? Absolutely not. You bet I found a sand hill to run sprints. I worked out 3 out of 6 days while I was gone compared to the typical 6 out of 7 days. My husband and I love being active and doing things outside on a beautiful day. Fortunately for us, Mexico always has nice weather.

On vacation, I don’t follow my usual program like lower or upper body day. I’ll do a 30-45 minute circuit to burn the most calories in a short amount of time to leave more time for us to go and enjoy the day. Work outs on vacation should leave you feeling refreshed and awake to take on the day. Never really sore or so tired you can’t do anything but to feel like you did some work. It should be the perfect amount of work to sweat out any toxins you make have taken in.


Here are my work outs that I did while in Mexico:


Day 1:

Warm up: Treadmill, 2 rounds:

1 min 4 mph @ 7% incline

1 min 5 mph @ 7% incline

1 min 6 mph @ 7% incline

1 min 5 mph @ 7% incline

1 min 4 mph @ 7% incline


Circuit 1: 4 Rounds

20 reps, Alternating dumbbell clean to press.

6 pull ups

25 sit ups


Circuit 2: 4 Rounds

15 each leg, Single leg, leg press jumps

15 Toes to bar


Circuit 3: 4 Rounds

10 each, Step up to curl

10 jump squats with 10 pound weights in each hand

10 Alternating push up on ball

10 Stability ball roll outs



Day 2:

24-minute run on the beach

10 sand hill sprints


Day 3:

Warm up: Treadmill

1 minute jog

10 Rounds (5 minutes)

20 seconds sprint, 10 seconds off at 9mph


Circuit 1: 4 rounds

10 each, Lateral lunge with single arm press (opposite arm)

15 Bench dips

15 Leg raises


Circuit 2: 4 rounds

12 Kettlebell clean to squat

12 Lateral raises

12 Reverse flies

12 Knee tucks on stability ball


Circuit 3: Spin Bike, 10 rounds

Medium pace for 30 seconds

Sprint 30 seconds


If you have any questions on the names of the exercises I just listed, how to do them, or alternate exercises to replace, shoot me an email!

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