The Bigger Picture

Have you ever caught yourself looking at someone’s progress pictures or them showing off their body and wonder when yourself will see progress? You keep putting in the work but haven’t gotten the results you wanted. I know I have done it. Truth is, you are only looking at a picture. That’s it. You haven’t … More The Bigger Picture

My Go-To Recipes

We love food in this house hold, as you can see my son just having a ball eating and smearing it all over his face! But staying in shape isn’t all about the right work out. It is also about what you eat. And you certainly cannot work off bad nutrition especially as you get … More My Go-To Recipes


  Welcome to my Blog! My name is Kellie Osborne, and I am a fitness professional at Cowboys Fit at The Star in Frisco, Texas. A little background on me, I grew up in Long Beach, California and played volleyball and soccer at Long Beach Wilson. Coming out of high school, I had the opportunity … More MY WHY